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Supported file hostings:

TinyFilesHost.com GetFilesFrom.Net
FileSpeedy.net Filebandit.net
Burnshare.net Hostujmy.pl
Fileskeep.com Great-files.org
Fileston.com Bit.Ly
Adf.Ly (Surveys and Ads!) mwfiles.net
filecom.net skippyfile.com
Up-flow.org Gigup.pl
Megadown.us Fichierload.fr
Quelldateien.de viewfile.org
Megadown.co.uk Flyfile.org
swiftdownload.net FileIce.net
Redirectlock.com FileIce.net

And other similar services. If you can't bypass survey on some file hosting please contact us, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Use of our tool is and will always be free. We have spawned due to a lot of reports of users that they can't download files in the web or even view webpages. If you need to download something that is protected by paid surveys, Bypass-Survey.com will help you with that. Do not waste your money and time. We will automaticly sort all surveys and remove all paid ones! We have got also support for very popular hosting service - TinyFilesHost. Our motto is - "Let's make internet survey-free again".

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4.8 of 5 (2 059 ratings so far)


  • Image bheine911
    1 hour ago | Reply
    how to.... pls help.....
  • Image paperboy70
    1 hour ago | Reply
    it works I downloaded file from tinyfileshost :)
  • Image Kerry_Felix
    2 hours ago | Reply
    deleted only paid surveys not all as i thought but ok
  • Image nautacx
    2 hours ago | Reply
    working !!!!
  • Image byjanx
    2 hours ago | Reply
    Like a charm! Rated 5/5
  • Image xTrish93
    3 hours ago | Reply
    the best tool ever, I had to download some files but all of them were locked by these stupid paid surveys . BOOKMARKED !
  • Image Jakeeau
    3 hours ago | Reply
    NICE please check out my youtube channel JAKEEAU
  • Image czlowiekkibel
    4 hours ago | Reply
    człowiek kibel przyjmie dużą srake na twarz
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